Monday, November 12, 2018

ICE SWIM | Feeling the power from the cold

Swedish photographer, Jonna Jinton shows us how to become one with nature, more specifically, with winter, by going ice dipping - complete with some nice wooly socks. The video has been viewed over 1M times...

The winter is here again, and this time I wanted to prepare myself for this 6 cold months to come. This winter I want to feel the cold as a source of power, and not the opposite.
I thought that taking a little swim in the ice cold water is the best way to start this winter, to really get into the very core of how cold feels like. Almost like a ritual. The ice swim become a symbol for not letting the cold take control of me.

And it's a way of testing myself. It's a strange feeling to do something when my whole body tells me to not do it.

This is something I will try to do regularly during this winter. Because taking a ice swim really has the most amazing effect on our body and mind. I have never, ever felt so full of live as the two times I have taken a swim in ice cold water. It's like giving your body a power start.

Jonna Jinton

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