Monday, March 6, 2017

Enormous Pollen Cloud Falls From Arizona Cypress Tree (+ 3 More Videos)

Holy! Wouldn't want to be a pollen sufferer around this tree. It appears cedar trees are also famous for producing/releasing tons of pollen in the air. Check out a few more videos we've added below including one explaining the Tree-Pollen-Explosion phenomenon...

I threw a rock at an Arizona Cypress tree.

Storyful Rights Management

High Pollen Count - Tree sheds clouds of pollen

Spring is coming, shaking a tree makes it shed huge clouds of pollen.

AshNap Toys

Cedar trees pollen explosion Texas

Cedar Trees Pollen Texas January 2014


Massive Tree Pollen Explosion Explained

This cedar tree virtually explodes with pollen when someone shakes it. Jorge Ribas finds out how and why this happens.


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