Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Flowers blooming 2

You can't help but appreciate the dedication and commitment that goes into creating such a magnificent video such as this...

It took nine months to capture a total of more than 40,000 shots. The video is composed of 24,626 shots. I could not estimate in advance the blooming period of each flower, so it was very hard to set the interval between each exposition. I chose 1-2 minutes. The longest blooming of Orchidea Dendrobium is over 105 hours. Therefore, it consumed more than 2000 shots. The fastest flowering flower was Succulent Faucaria and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Although blooming lasted only 7 hours, I shot about 1500 shots for everyone. I knew they would be fast and so I shorten the interval for 20 seconds. Very much postproduction work has led to the removal of the tiny insects that passed through the flowers during flowering. Just over three minutes of video shows incredible 929 hours of real time.

Majo Chudý

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