Thursday, September 13, 2018

47-Year-Old Has Plastic Surgery To STOP Ageing | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Too bad he feels he needs to do all this stuff. Seems he would have turned out just fine naturally...

Social media “It Boy” Neven Ciganovic has been dramatically changing his look in a bid to stay young forever. Neven’s transformation started when he was 22-years-old when he had fillers to fix a scar he had on his upper lip. He instantly loved the look and in recent years the 47-year-old has had a nose job, two cheek and chin implants, botox and fillers to smooth his lines and has undergone blepharoplasty to widen his eyes. Neven, who is a Insta-celebrity in his native Croatia, ‘wants to look 47 forever.’

Barcroft TV

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