Tuesday, January 17, 2017

FedEx Driver Guides Big Rig Down Icy California Mountain Road After Brakes Lock on Trailer

This here folks, is what you call a 'controlled slide'. 
(We learn something new every day). The video has gone viral with over 29M views on Facebook. Loved the officer's response at the end...
FLORISTON, Calif., Jan. 13 (UPI) -- The California Highway Patrol shared a video of a big rig driver gliding his truck down an icy mountain road after the brakes in his rear trailer locked up.
The CHP's station in Truckee posted a video to Facebook showing the FedEx truck sliding down Interstate 80, near Floriston, while being escorted by troopers who ensured the road ahead would be clear.
"The driver had jackknifed at the top of the grade," the Facebook post said. "When the driver had lost it at the top of the hill, he had broke the air lines to his rear trailer. This caused the brakes on the rear trailer to lock up. We arrived on scene and were informed the tow was going to be extended. So we asked the driver if he could get himself going and we would give him space to get down to the next open shoulder on the Interstate." - upi


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