Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Crazy car pileup in Montreal. Bus Police and Snowplow!

All we need now is that Bennie Hill theme (see 2nd vid) playing in the background and we're all set!
Wow. Where do we start with this one. They call it the mother of all pile-ups when it comes to slippery, snow-covered road collisions.
This street in Montreal was a challenge not only for cars and buses but for all those who came to the rescue - police cars, snowplows and trucks! And it was all caught on camera by uploader Willem Shepherd who had just settled into his office that morning. It began when he saw a bus sliding slowly down the hill...

Got to work and there was an insane pileup happening outside.
Accident happened at 10am on Dec 5, Beaver Hall and Viger in Montreal

Willem Shepherd

The bus sliding down the hill eventually crashes into a group of four cars at the bottom. Moments later, a taxi narrowly avoided hitting the bus, but a pickup truck was not so lucky, and the bus lurched forward under the impact.
That wasn't the end of the madness.
Not even close.
Another city bus made its way down the hill, but, like most of the other vehicles on this road, it soon lost control.
That bus crashed into the truck, forcing it out of the way, and then hit the first bus still at the bottom of the hill.
A police vehicle trying to come to the rescue followed, sliding into the second city bus.
A snow plow came next, but even that truck couldn't maintain control on the slippery hill.
"Get out of the car!" someone can be heard shouting in the video as a snow plow careers towards the police vehicle.
(It eventually hit the police car.) - thespec


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