Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dude Used A Drone To Catch His Wife Cheating! (2 Videos)

Aaaw. Poor guy. You got to feel sorry for him after watching this video. Who needs private investigators anyways when you have drones...

After 18-Years Woman Cheat on Husband & Get Caught Via Drone... Amazing Footage with Sad Results..

iFree TV

Husband Insists Drone Video Catching Wife of 18 Years Cheating Is Real

A distraught husband says he used a drone to catch his wife of 18 years cheating on him. It's perhaps the most shocking collapse of a marriage ever seen, and many have questioned the video's authenticity. John, who would not give his last name, told Inside Edition that after suspecting his wife was being unfaithful, he decided to catch her in the act with the help of a drone. He then released the video on YouTube with his own colorful narration.

Inside Edition

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